Heart Trays

Iridescent fused glass heart trays are available in various colors and designs. The lustrous rainbow-like surface of the glass is food safe, suitable for everyday use, and should be hand-washed. The design images below are you access points to the wide range of heart trays available within each design.

• “Classic” designs feature an iridescent diagonal swoosh center, lustrous peacock iridescent strips and colorful and iridescent sides. “Elegant” designs feature a richly iridescent diagonal clear with streamers center, lustrous peacock strips and colorful and iridescent sides. “Radiant” designs include many color combinations suitable for corporate, team, school and other gift giving. “Four Seasons” designs are Mondrian-inspired styles that incorporate fractured streamer glass and translucent glass colors that relate to colors of the four seasons. “Rainbow” designs incorporate the colors of the rainbow spectrum.

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